Tax Partner Program

A partnership that rewards you

Providing your customers with the best tax solutions is now more profitable and hassle-free than ever, thanks to the Tax Partner Program by Precent Services. With a full complement of tools, resources and support, this program makes it easier to do business with us, identify customer opportunities, and provide tax solutions to your client from your business premises.

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Benefits that grows with you

Service Expansion

Tax Partner Program provides you an opportunity to provide the additional most crucial service to your clients without any cost of service expansion. This will add more value to business in clients perepestive.

Client Retention

It has been a fact that lots of businesses losses their client in the hand of competitor as they couldn’t provide the compulsory service like tax return. This partner program can help you retain your clients this tax season.

Lead Generation

July to October has always been a great season for tax. Lots of taxpayers seek for tax return service during this time. This can auto generate lead to your business providing you an opportunity to sell your service.


Apart from service and clients benefits, Tax Partner Program also rewards the partners financially with commissions based on the level of program, the partner has achieved.

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What we provide

Dedicated Tax Form

A simple tax form that provide us suffiecient information to file their tax returns, so you get more with less effort.

Tax Materials and Weekly Reports

We also share tax facts on various occupations and advertisement materials in the beginning. On the going term, we deliver you weekly reports of your referred clients with their service status.

    How to be a Tax Partner?

    Fill and Submit the Partner Application Form

    Get the confirmation of Partner Program from Precent

    Attend a quick training session with Partner Service Team