Tax Checklist

Work Related

  • Payment Summary or Group Certificates
  • If no payment summary, then TFN is compulsory
  • Any work related expense receipts or summary

ID and Visa Status

  • Passport or Driver License for Id purpose
  • Current Visa Status

Contact & Other Details

  • Email Address
  • Contact Number (Mobile Preferred)
  • Current Address (if different from the Payment Summary)
  • Marital Status – Single or Married. If married, please provide Spouse Name, DOB & Annual Income
  • Bank Details – BSB & Account Number

Uber / Uber Eats / Deliveroo

  • ABN Number
  • If car used,
    • Car make and model
    • Car purchase date and cost
  • All Monthly Statements from their profile
  • Annual Tax Statement issued by Uber or Deliveroo
  • Has all quarterly BAS been lodged?
    • If yes, then record of lodged statement and amount paid for lodgements
    • If No, then we have have to lodge them all before we lodge tax return. (**Additional charges applies)