Exporting goods and services? GST Conditions. If you export goods and services you probably don’t have to pay GST (Goods and Services Tax), but some conditions must be met.

Basically, GST is a tax on consumption in Australia,  so it is not intended to apply to things that are not consumed in Australia, such as exports.

Now, let’s see what are the conditions you must meet for GST-free on the export of goods and services:

Exporting goods GST-free conditions

In the case of exported goods, they are GST free if you export them from Australia within 60 days of:

  • Receiving any payment for the goods
  • Issuing an invoice for the goods before receiving any payment.

If the goods are paid by instalments, the payment or invoice referred to is for the final instalment.

An interesting fact is that if you are an exporter, you can contact the ATO to request an extension of the 60-days period.

Exporting services GST-free conditions

In the case of exported services, generally they are GST-free if the recipient is outside Australia and the use of the service is outside Australia.   

Registering for GST

If you are running an enterprise and have a GST annual turnover of $75, 000 or more ($150, 000 or more for non-profit organisations) you need to register for GST.

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More information

This information is a general guide for our clients. We can help you to register for GST and have a proper track of the export of your goods and services. We have a professional team specialized in this area. Please contact us at [email protected], or call us to (+ 61) 2 8317 1281.